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    The Mental Difference

    Can you tell if somebody is angry, depressed, or anxious?

    Can you tell if an athlete or performer has confidence or lacks it?

    How can you tell?

    Most people’s body language is a key indicator of how a person is thinking or feeling.

    Our Approach at TMD

    At TMD we understand the importance of how your thoughts, feelings, and actions Impact your daily life. We help you become aware and understand these distractions and develop skills and techniques to break barriers that may be limiting your thinking and success.

    Through an integrated approach of mind and body, we collaboratively find strategies that help you meet your needs.

    These strategies include identifying triggers, Focus/ Refocus Techniques, Mindfulness, as well as a wide range of additional strategies.

    This approach gives you the power to take back control of your emotions, mindset, and life.

    So what’s stopping you from taking control of your life… being in charge of your emotions, thoughts, perceptions …. YOUR LIFE!

    See what TMD has to offer in Sport & Performance Psychology and our Behavior Health & Counseling Services.

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