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    Are you feeling overwhelmed not by one thing, but by everything?

    Are you feeling sad, yet you’re not sure why?

    Do you just feel stuck in life?

    Are you using more substances to take the edge off?

    Do you recognize the person in the mirror?


    Learn How this Client Regained Control of Her Life

    I remember the first day Katie walked into my office. The look on Katie’s face was a culmination of confusion, fear, exhaustion, shock, and embarrassment. She had left work yesterday after suffering a severe panic attack in the restroom. She decided to take the next few days off to gather herself.

    Once we sat down, a floodgate of emotions opened. Katie reported that she had been going through a lot of transitions in her life and was feeling overwhelmed, sad, and alone. She felt that no one understood what she was feeling… not even her husband.

    Katie explained that she had gotten married eight months ago. She thought after they were married their relationship would be easier. In fact, the relationship between Katie and her husband had become more difficult.

    She was working 60+ hours a week trying to advance her career and working towards her master’s degree. In addition, she was constantly comparing herself to her siblings and friends believing that they were much happier and more successful.

    We began our therapeutic work together with a full assessment, identifying stressors, and allowing Katie a space to express her feelings and emotions. We were able to identify how all of these factors were intertwined and impacted her daily functioning.

    As our work unfolded, Katie started to understand how self-imposed stress and unrealistic expectations from herself and others led to the anxiety she was feeling.

    Her mindset began to change, allowing Katie to become more successful and be more in control of her thoughts and emotions. She was able to realign her expectations, which set her up for success.

    As a result of our work together, Katie’s communication with her husband was enhanced improving the quality of their relationship… More importantly, Katie learned to take some time for herself to relax more often.


    TMD Can Help You Gain Control Over Your Thoughts and Emotions

    Sometimes we all feel that our lives are out of control. It is important to know that you have the ability to control your thoughts and emotions, which puts you back in control of your life.

    At TMD we help you develop the tools and techniques by using an eclectic approach to manage your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that interfere with your life.

    We at TMD understand and appreciate the courage it takes to ask for help in developing the skills you need to take charge of your life…. So what’s stopping you from taking advantage of The Mental Difference?

    TMD works with the Following:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression and Mood Disorders
    • Substance Abuse
    • Life Adjustments and Transitions
    • Relationship Issues
    • ADHD
    • Trauma
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