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    Performing better is the goal of most individuals regardless of their profession, sport, or art.  Whatever it is that you do… we all want to do it better!

    With that said, it is easy to forget that improving your performance takes consistent work all the time.  For example, let’s look at Michael Jordan. You may have seen Jordan make the winning shot in the last 3 seconds of a game time-and-time again… What you didn’t see are the 300 practice shots he took on a regular basis. You may also have seen Jordon’s intense focus as he drove to the basket, but what you may not know is how he developed and maintained his focus, which is a critical mental skill for all performers.

    Mental Focus

    When you are focused everything seems to slow down, things become easier, distractions fade and the mind narrows to the task at hand. Your mind does not doubt what it needs to do and you are not hearing the dreaded self-doubt of “what if I don’t.” However, like everything in life, in order to develop the critical mental skill of focus, you need to practice.

    The following are a few practice tips that may help you on your way to becoming better at this learned skill:

    1. Stay in the present/be mindful… think about what you are doing right now.
    2. Use a mantra such as (a) present, (b) stay with it, (c) you got this.
    3. Time yourself… focus is like a muscle, to make it stronger you need to practice every single day or even better – several times per day.
    4. Set a goal such as the ability to focus for 2 minutes straight without distraction.
    5. Check your improvement. Start small and set goals along the way as you improve.

    Practice makes perfect.

    If you practice developing your mental focus on a daily basis you will have a strong advantage at your next performance.  Remember that focus is an essential mental skill that requires daily practice …start slow and grow your focus each day!

    Looking form more on how you can improve your mental focus? Contact Andrew Joy at The Mental Difference today to see how he can help you take control of your game.

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